Thursday 11 April 2019

Unexpected Realities

By now, you would think I would know to expect the unexpected around the College.

That’s the thing about our community, just when you think you know something, it surprises you with how much bigger, deeper and unexpectedly wonderful it is. To explore that, I am planning on visiting some of our furthest Australia-based students’ home islands. I’m going up to the Torres Straits to see what life is like there and to try to celebrate it and bring it back, photographically, so that we, as a community have a better understanding of our diversity and the gift that it is to us. And that’s a great spiritual and life lesson for us all to remember as we take a brief break to celebrate the resurrection at Easter: no matter how much you think you understand what God is doing in partnership with you, the unexpected reality will exceed what you expect. Have a good rest and break, and celebrate the resurrection with gratitude.


I shot this a few years ago coming home from a cold, wet day of unsuccessful landscape work. I was riding a ferry in the back of a bus with the rain rolling down the windows.

Beauty happens even when you’re not in the best seat. Can you be grateful for what does appear when beauty finds you?

Fr Jack McLain SJ