Friday 23 August 2019

Times of Challenge and Grace

This week, I’ve been drawn to distant places to experience the breadth of our community. Last weekend I was in Young for a gathering of people who have a history (some long ago, some more recent) with the College, present parents and families who are curious about our community and what it might mean for them to join us. It was a wonderful and warm (not temperature-wise!) time of storytelling and gratitude. And as I write this, I’m in South Australia for a gathering of the boards of the Australian Jesuit schools. Every two years we gather to listen to the experience of other, similar schools, to pray and to discern about where we’re being led. It’s both a time of challenge and a time of grace. Just another example of how gratitude begets gratitude.


Poor Striker. When the rest of the dogs got to go out and go for a run in the snow, pulling me around (not an insubstantial task), Striker had to wait in the trailer. We all have this day sooner or later. Seems like everyone else is getting a run but us. We’re stuck in the kennel waiting for them to return and tell us all about it. 

But just like every dog has his day, the bad days don’t last forever, either. When we’re in that place, we need to remember that. There’s a Dark Voice that lies to us and says: “It’s always been this way, it’s ALWAYS going to be this way.” If we look at our experience, we know that’s not true. 

When that voice whispers, make sure you remember the truth.

Fr Jack McLain SJ