Friday 16 August 2019

The Transmission of Hope

This week has been about hope. I’ve been struck by the interaction between our outgoing Year 12 leaders and the transition to the new team. I’ve been to a couple of events where I’ve witnessed the past leaders talk about their experience and the lessons that they’ve learned in their roles as leaders, as they pass it on to the next generation of student leaders. That transmission of hope is what community is all about. We listen and learn from the ones who have gone before us and travel our own path using their wisdom while discovering our own. And it was heartening to hear one of our leaders say that the thing he’d learned most from his time as a leader was gratitude. With hope and gratitude, there is little we cannot weather and less we cannot achieve.


On my recent visit to Darwin to connect with our families up north, I took an early morning and went for a shoot in a wetland reserve. I found hundreds of dragonflies drying their wings in the morning sun, readying themselves for the day. 

What’s the waiting and preparation you need to be doing right now to ready yourself for what lies ahead? Can you be grateful for the time of preparation and learning?

Fr Jack McLain SJ