Friday 14 September 2018

The Gift of Freedom

Speaking to Year 10 about ethical decision making and Catholic social teaching is… different. Some young men pick up the concepts very quickly and see the applications of the teaching throughout our world and society. Principles like the dignity of the human person and care for creation resonate and the men see the applications readily. Other students just aren’t quite there yet and see them only as another set of rules to be followed, or else… But they all grapple with the idea that every human action is a moral action, no matter how great or how small it may seem. Since every human action is a moral action, we have to delve into the values that we will base our morals and ethics on. At the very heart of Jesuit education is the idea that we have to make these choices in freedom, and that freedom is a gift that is the acceptance of great love. The challenge is to see through the seeming ‘bigness’ or ‘smallness’ of our choices and see them in the context of relationship with other people and through them, with God.


There are moments when you think you’ve seen it all. Then, something even more beautiful and amazing reveals itself to you. All you can do is accept it and be grateful. What are the wonders you’re grateful for right now?

Fr Jack McLain SJ