Thursday 28 June 2018

The End of Term Already?!

My Assistant: Your Viewpoint article is due.

Me: Wait, what?

My Assistant: Yes, it’s the end of the Term, so it needs to be in earlier this week.

Me: <whinging> Wait, what?! It can’t be the end of the term. The term just started.

My Assistant: It IS the end of the Term. You and Dr. Hine have been all over the place and running around all term. The semester is over; we’re half way through the school year. Are you alright?

Me: <really whinging now> Wait, WHAT?!? There’s so much to do this year and we’re over half way? That’s not…are you making this up? Are you having me on? I mean, I visited a bunch of our country families and Old Boys, there was that incredible production of Lord of the Flies, we got to move in to the new Therry building, Winter sport is off to a great start, I talked to a bunch of Year 9 students about how there really isn’t much conflict between science and religion, I talked to the Arrupe Academy about leadership, we’ve hosted a bunch of prospective families and talked to them about life at the College, I went to several boarders’ birthday dinners at Mr. Carson’s house for Year 12 men, we had the Friends Listen Assembly, House Masses and dinners, I went to Christchurch for the ordination of a young Jesuit, we got all the Year 10s out on their Service Week placements, and the Country Placements in the desert, all the Masses and classes and music and career fairs and… there must be a lot of things that have happened that I don’t even know about! The semester CAN’T be over!

My Assistant: <nodding> Oh, you’re right about that, there’s so much happening… and you haven’t even seen Term 3 yet. That’s when it starts to get REALLY busy…

Me: <well and truly whinging, bordering on scared> WAIT, WHAT?!

My Assistant: Just thank everyone, especially the staff, for a really great first half of the year and be grateful for all the good things that have been going on and get some rest before Term 3 starts.

Me: <whimpering softly> Thank you to everyone who made the first half of the year such a success. Now let’s all take a little rest and get ready for Term 3. How was that?

My Assistant: <shaking her head> Don’t worry, you’ll get there…


Dense fog and mist in the jungles, combined with the lush greenery, muffle the sounds and make you feel like you’re in some other, cotton-shrouded world. That world felt unfamiliar to me, with jungles, mountains and forests that seemed so different from what I was used to. But the people, both the students and parents who were part of my group and the leaders and porters who cared for us, they seemed familiar to me.

The presence of people we trust helps us navigate challenging and ambiguous terrain. Whether that terrain is on the outside or the inside. Can you look for good companions on the trail and be grateful for them?

Fr Jack McLain SJ