Friday 23 November 2018

The Beginning of the End

This week has been about the beginning of the end. We’re approaching the end of the liturgical, the calendar and the school year all at once, so the rituals associated with this have begun. Last Sunday we had a whole pack of boarders who renewed their resolve to keep living the Christian life as they received the sacrament of confirmation. And we also gathered with the many generous benefactors who give to the College’s Bursary Fund at a thank-you mass and shared the evening together. Both of these groups are people willing to take risks on the unknown and keep moving forward with their commitments to a future that can be uncertain, but that they have faith will yield a rich harvest. At this time of year when we’re all getting tired and busier, we can learn from their example of perseverance.


When you’re out surfing, some times you’re out all day and nothing is coming in. Then, out of nowhere, the ocean sends you a gift. Surfing is about patience. And engaging when the moment is right. Even if you’re stuck in the doldrums, when your wave arrives, catch it. Ride. Live. What’s the wave you’re looking for right now?

Fr Jack McLain SJ