Friday 30 August 2019

Supportive Community

This week has been just about life, and how we support one another through its many complexities. Two staff member suffered the loss of a parent and all of us, staff, students and parents, look for ways to help them carry that heavy burden. The march of the Year 12 men as they take their trial exams reminds us of the end time at the College is approaching for yet another group of (soon to be) Old Ignatians. And at our assembly this week, Dr Hine held the mirror up to us as a community as he challenged every one of us to confront our own internal racism by showing us imagery of anti-Semitic graffiti that had been scrawled on a bathroom door. A sombre reminder that every one of us, no matter how good our hearts, has the potential for bias and unthinking discrimination if we aren’t challenged by our friends and loved ones to rise above those dark voices. None of this is bad, per se, it’s just life. And we live this life together, in all of its beauty and with all of its heaviness. The promise of Christianity is that we don’t have to face any of it alone.


Wonderful things happen, even when we’re not really sure of what we’re doing. I shot this on my first flight with the drone a few years ago and it still is one of my favourite images. People are always asking me how I got the pelicans to line up. If I’d had this planned, it probably wouldn’t have worked. All I did was cooperate with what was happening. The results were beyond what I could have imagined. What do you need to just cooperate with right now in your life?

Fr Jack McLain SJ