Friday 6 September 2019


The seasons have begun changing and the warming of the weather was only one way of knowing Spring is heading our way. A wild swarm of honey bees landed near Saint Michael’s House and were promptly captured to be put to work in the Ag Centre, courtesy of Mr Roffey. We already have several hives producing honey and wax down there and we had a couple of empty hives, which now have new tenants. The apiary industriousness of the bees has been reflected in the Year 12 men as they have moved through their trial exams and are now beginning to remember how to breathe again. And the men of the Special Education Inclusion Program (SEIP) planned, organised and ran our student Mass this week, highlighting the theme of courage. They gave us plenty of examples of courage from all over our campus and, as is often the case, the SEIP men lead by example.


Nature will not be constrained or segmented and most of all, it can’t be held back.

What’s the place that life is bursting through the boundaries for you right now? Can you be grateful for it?

Fr Jack McLain SJ