Friday 22 February 2019


This week, Father Arturo Sosa, the General of the Society of Jesus, announced four Universal Apostolic Priorities for the Jesuits and their co-labourers that are meant to guide what we do, who we do it with and how we should be accomplishing the mission of building God’s Kingdom for the next 10 years. This process has taken two years of global discussion and listening and the results have been announced. These four priorities are meant to be a way of proceeding for Jesuits and their co-ministers that help us decide, in the tradition of Saint Ignatius, what is the good we might do that will bring us close to God and what is the better we might do that will lead us closer to God. The four priorities are:

  • Discernment & the Spiritual Exercises: Helping people find and follow Jesus Christ.
  • Walking with the Excluded: Accompanying the poor, the vulnerable and the excluded that society deems worthless in a mission of reconciliation and justice.
  • Caring for Our Common Home: Working with and through the Gospel for the protection of God’s Creation.
  • Journeying With Youth: Accompanying young people in creating a hopeful future.
  • If we look around the life of the College, we can already see many places where we are already living and working toward these values. We need to use these guidelines to help us inform the choices we make throughout our life as the College community. You can learn more about the process and these priorities here:


Maria Island Moonrise. Shooting the stars one night and the moon interrupted me. In this exposure it wasn’t a matter of the moon OR the stars, but the moon AND the stars. Ocean, stars, moon, mountain and mist. I couldn’t have directed these things to form this beauty, it just found me because I showed up one night.

What are the elements that make up an unexpected beauty that has found you? Can you be grateful for it?

Fr Jack McLain SJ