Friday 11 May 2018

Potential and Possibility

Things are moving quickly around the College, as they always do. For many of us, the term began even before the term began. In addition to the usual spin up to a new term, this year we have the joyful task of preparing to occupy a new building. We’ve been sneaking ever-growing groups of people in to have a look at the newest part of our collective home. And what a new facility it is. When you work around something as long as some of us have worked on this project, you know it’s going to be something special, but it’s only when people who haven’t been as close as you have start to experience it and get excited by it that you know it’s really something special. That’s been a huge part of the satisfaction, that the building and its potential as a superb learning space are obvious to people who weren’t involved in the design and planning. It’s very consoling when people outside the design circle ‘get it’ as much as you do. The opportunity for staff and students and parents and Old Boys to see and experience the building will continue and larger and larger numbers will have the chance to see the new Therry building. It stands as a real testament to what’s possible when we bring together our vision and our passion as a community. Thank you to everyone involved with helping to create this new space of possibility.

This week’s reflection:

We all need someone to show us the way. The best guides I know walk with us, by our sides, not letting us trudge blindly over the cliffs from behind or leading us by the nose from out front. They tell us what they know. They tell us what they’ve seen and they let us choose the best way of proceeding. They go with us, wherever we go.

Who in your life has done that for you? Can you be grateful for them today?

Fr Jack McLain SJ