Friday 8 February 2019

Passion for Knowledge

This week has been all about people pursuing depth over breadth. I talked to an English class this week about the idea of The Fall, the end of all things, and how it is part of our Catholic tradition and our human condition. I was struck by the intellectual depth of the questions and how interested the class was in examining some the literary and theological themes of the concept. Then today we had the Laureate Assembly, where we recognise those students from the previous year who poured themselves in to the pursuit of academic excellence and achieved great results. Finally, this evening, we will launch the Kircher Collection, the College’s annual publication of some of the best works by students sitting the HSC in a number of fields including visual arts, music, english and history. These are people who did well on the HSC, yes, but in their studies achieved a depth in the work that they produced that is rarely seen in their fields. It isn’t the ‘result’ that we recognise with publication in the Kircher Collection, but the striving for depth in an area that they reveal – a passion for knowledge. And that is something we are all called to, no matter our ability – to go as deeply as we can and to expand what we know. In doing this, we come to know ourselves as well.


I’ve been spending a lot of time in the last six months shooting film. Old school, physical, film. What I’ve discovered is that it is a completely different experience than shooting digital images. It requires more time, more preparation and more focus to create an image. In short, it requires more intentionality. What is the part of your life calling you to pay attention at a deeper level right now? Can you be grateful for where it is leading you?

Fr Jack McLain SJ