Thursday 12 April 2018

Ordinary Saints

I was out in Bathurst for our first visit to the country this year and I had a chance to hear from a (very) Old Boy about a saint – Mrs. York, of York’s Corner fame. He told me that during his day, the food in the refectory… left something to be desired. Namely, edibility. He said that in their desperation, the boarders would travel all the way to York’s Corner with their meagre monies in hand hoping for something that would fill their bellies. In those days, Arnott’s biscuits were sold from huge tins, and if any were broken, the scraps were sold cheap. The boarders would ask Mrs. York if, please, were there any broken biscuits they could buy today? She would give a curt “I’ll check in the back and let you know.” And disappear. The boys would then hear the sound of Mrs. York’s rolling pin rising and falling and the crack and crumble of biscuits being broken. She would return with a bargain bag of crumbs to keep a hungry boarder alive for one more day. If that’s not a saint, I don’t know who is.

Who is the ordinary saint who has helped you through Term 1? Whose saint will you be in Term 2?

This week’s reflection:

We all need a hand (or a paw!) to get across the line some times. Who are the people who help you when the load gets heavy? Can you be grateful for them and their help?

Fr Jack McLain SJ