Tuesday 14 August 2018

On Finding Beauty

Beauty can take a lot of different forms. For me, this week has been highlighted by the varied places we can find and experience beauty. The opening of the HSC Art Exhibition on Friday displayed many different expressions of beauty; from small, intimate black and white stipples of mountain scenes to a series of widely varied portraits of professional surfers and abstract reflections on time displayed in a series of drawers, the men of Year 12 really put on an exceptional display of how you can draw together interest and passion with expression and produce incredible beauty. That continued on Sunday afternoon as the HSC Drama Showcase gave an opportunity for students to give expression to the breadth of experience of what it means to be human. From the frenzied fear of Poe’s The Telltale Heart to a soliloquy to plea Leonard Bernstein, to amazing group performances, Year 12 again showed us why the arts have always been front and centre in Jesuit education.

Our quest for beauty in a very different way brought us to the appointment of new leadership for the College, as the torch of leadership was passed on to new team of College, Board, Day and House Captains and Co-Captains whose mission will be to lead the men next year and make their own beautiful mark on our community, in service to our community. A wonderful task that carries responsibility, but a task that is the mission of the entire College, and not any one person. Giving expression to what it means to be human, to serve our brothers and sisters, that is where real beauty can be found.


Jimmy’s Beach nears Hawks Nest from the drone. I love how so many things come together at the shoreline. Where ocean and land meet. So much activity. So much movement. And all of it different. All of it beautiful.

Can you find the beauty in the variety and movement of your life right now?

Fr Jack McLain SJ