Friday 1 March 2019

Making Sense

Like many, I’m at a loss about how to make sense of this week. The impact of one the most senior and visible members of the Church’s leadership being convicted of sexual abuse of a child has made headlines across the nation; more importantly and personally, it has shocked and horrified. I’ve received many calls and emails from good people with strong feelings trying to make sense of these events. I am not sure I can make sense of these times any more than anyone else. And I share the anger and disappointment that anyone would do anything like this. Perhaps all we can do is pray for healing and peace for survivors, meaning and direction for ourselves, and ask God to reveal where He could possibly be hiding in these events. Then we need to act in our personal lives to make sure we treat everyone we encounter with the dignity and respect due every human being, especially those who are powerless and vulnerable. Let us all search for the powerless and protect them; seek the voiceless and listen to and empower them.


Everyone has someone who carries them through tough times at some point. Who are the people who carry you through the challenges? Can you be grateful for them?

Fr Jack McLain SJ