Friday 29 March 2019

Lessons Learned

This Viewpoint is a lesson to all the students out there. Especially the ones who like to put things off until the last minute. I am the negative example of how ahead of the game you need to be in getting assignments turned in. Today, I’m sitting here writing this when I should be, and want to be, out at 1st Field watching the inter-House Athletics Carnival. But because of how hectic this week has been, I’m doing it now after Mass on Friday morning and before I can go do fun things at the Athletics Carnival. It’s been a great week filled with the Year 8 play (spectacular!) and meetings (some spectacular, others less so…) but mostly it’s been dominated by interviews. The great thing about all the interviews I’ve been doing this week is about the promise for the future they represent. The families who want to join or continue their relationship with the community. They bring a lot of hopes and dreams and energy to our community. And it’s wonderful to experience that up close. Life emerges and makes itself known to us in all kinds of places, especially those where we least expect it. When it appears in front of us, we need to accept it. With both hands.


A new day dawns on the supply barge on Bathurst Island. Light and warmth return to an ancient, glorious land. What are the warming hopes for the future you are working towards right now? Can you be grateful for the shore you’re currently on, as well as the one you desire to be on?

Fr Jack McLain SJ