Friday 1 February 2019

Here we go again!

Let’s start the year where a lot of young men have started in the last couple of weeks: with a new pair of shoes.

It’s my observation that right now there are plenty of brand new shoes. Black leather, for the most part, and modestly shined to the College’s standard. But I know for a fact that in at least one case, there was more than a bit of angst and pain in finding the right pair. Many pairs were tried on and rejected. Some for being too narrow and pinching. Some for being too loose, which will lead to blisters. Some for being lace-ups when what was required was a slip-on. And finally, like Goldilocks, a pair was found that was just right. And like all of us at this time in our school year, they’re new, they’re in great shape and ready to go, but if they’re good leather shoes, they won’t really hit their stride until they’ve had a chance to break in a little bit. To figure out where their wear lines are, to stretch out the leather just a touch so it conforms to your foot and feels oh-so comfortable. When we hit that point we forget about how much work and wearing it took to get them to that moment where we don’t want to be parted from them. That’s us right now. And we’ll wear them and wear them and wear them. Until next December when, like some of the pairs that are brand new and stiff right now, we’ll be showing a little wear. But there are many interesting miles to tread before then!

Welcome back, welcome home.


Summer shadows are growing long again, letting us know that the days are getting shorter again, even if the thermometer doesn’t agree.

Where has the cooling shade been for me this summer that’s helped me come back refreshed and ready to jump into our community once more? Can you be grateful for both the bright colours the summer has revealed and the break from the heat when it’s offered?

Fr Jack McLain SJ