Friday 19 October 2018

Globe Trotting

I’m literally just off the aircraft after spending the last few weeks hosting reunions and meetings with members of our community from around the world. While the weather and the culture were radically different in New York, London, Washington DC, or Los Angeles, the thing that I could always count on was the warm spirit of men educated at Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview. No matter when they left, whether they were from the class of 2017 or 1944 (yes, one Old Boy drove from Virginia to New York City to spend the evening with other men from other eras), they all shared that same spirit of camaraderie and service that defines and unites men who leave the College, while we will all move on geographically, there are places in our hearts we never leave.



New York City has so many visual stories to tell. Some well known and often told, others smaller, quieter, rarely heard. It was great exploring the city and finding those stories. What are the stories that have your attention right now? Can you be grateful for them?

Fr Jack McLain SJ