Friday 22 March 2019

Finding light in the darkness

It’s been very dark week. The shock and horror of the New Zealand shootings are seemingly impossible to make any sense of, darkness is on the increase as the days themselves grow shorter, the broken rain pushes us back indoors and at the College, many are tired as we finish Week 8 of the term and find it difficult to give themselves completely to the day to day of life at the school. It’s been a very somber, serious week in many ways. But even in the midst of the gathering darkness, light can shine through. The humanity of leadership of Jacinda Ardern has been positively inspirational. Whether you agree with her politically is quite beside the point; she has been leading her people by example and with a compassion that is rarely witnessed. She has been demonstrating to other world leaders the power that authenticity, courage and compassion can have. And here at home, small sparks of light that keep us going as well, as World Poetry Day provided an opportunity for staff and students to share where they find light and inspiration in the written word and how powerful it can be on our souls. And our Environment Assembly with the many options for people to act to make our shared world a better place for all people and the enthusiasm of our young men for acting rightly for the planet are an inspiration for us. These are the lights in the storm that we need to pay attention to. And to move toward, especially when it seems darkest.


Even when the sunrise is hidden by storm clouds, it still makes its presence known by finding the cracks in the clouds and lighting the up the water and the world. Goodness flows, even if there are clouds above. Can you find the beauty of the light even if the clouds are thick and ominous?

Fr Jack McLain SJ