Friday 15 November 2019


Last week’s Blue and White Ball was the best I’ve attended in my association with the College. It was a great finish by an amazing cohort of Year 12s. A huge thank you to all those parents who worked so hard on the planning group that created the evening for us to enjoy. It was an excellent reflection of the men of the Class of 2019; both exuberantly joyful, but measured and considerate as well. Perhaps my personal favourite moment was presenting one of the men of the Integration Program with his medal and certificate. The pomp and spotlight was a bit overwhelming for him so Dr Hine and I presented it personally to him with his family gathered around him. A major accomplishment made even more special by sharing it with a small group of family – his Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview family as well as his birth family. That is a great reflection on who we are; we celebrate together and we give thanks together. An excellent way to proceed as we approach the end of the year.


I’m not a surfer, not really. I *attempt* surfing. Truth is, I’m horrible. But if you catch one, just one, wave during a day out, the feeling will set you soaring (that’s what is referred to as ‘the stoke’).

There are things that are both a struggle, a task, and a great joy at the same time.

What are the tasks you’ve undertaken this year that have brought you joy?

Fr Jack McLain SJ