Friday 3 May 2019


The uniforms have changed with the seasons, once again. The days grow shorter and cooler, the sun hides a bit more behind grey clouds, summer sports fade to memory as we pursue excellence on the sporting field in new ways for the winter. Again and again, change comes to our community. We seek to understand it, to figure out what the changes mean and the best way for us to adapt and live with them.

At the start of the holidays, I visited the home islands of two of our boarders from the Torres Strait Islands, trying to understand and capture how much their world changed when they joined the Saint Ignatius’ Community. It was truly a remarkable experience, characterised by warm hospitality and warm island breezes. More on that experience in the near future. And Dr Hine and I are preparing to take to the road to visit some of our boarding families, starting with Dubbo in a few weeks.

All of these things lead us back to the heart of Jesuit education: Experience, Reflection, Action. Attempt something new. Understand what it means. Try to change so the change makes me more fully who I was created to be. No matter where we are as we begin the term, let us strive to become most fully ourselves.


Blue on blue on blue. With islands for refuge. There can be beauty in the vastness of where the ocean meets the sky, but without the contrast and the shelter offered by an island, it can be pretty monotonous.

Who are the people, places and things that offer you refuge? Can you be grateful for them?

Fr Jack McLain SJ