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Friday 23 October 2015 | Dr Paul Hine
Planning for 2016
Although only in the early stages of the term, much by way of planning has been entered into for 2016, all consistent with the second year of the Strategic Directions 2015-2016 Document that was released early in the year after considerable discernment and consultation. Taking the form of School Goals for the coming year, these are designed to build upon the restructure of the pastoral care system, strengthen teaching and learning via the use of measurement data, increase accountabilities through asset management and risk management, while at the same time, maintain and develop the distinctive Ignatian charism that lies at the heartland of the educational program. Some new initiatives are also being introduced, including:
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Friday 24 July 2015 | Dr Paul Hine
Week 2
Sydney’s blast of artic weather has made the return to school for Term 3 both memorable and intense. So much rain fell in the latter part of last week that sport needed to be cancelled for most of the teams on Saturday, allowing only the competition games at Senior level to be played. Despite the ravages of the cold and the wet, the boys have settled quickly into their studies and I am pleased to report that the groove of teaching and learning has become firmly established and is apparent at every turn in the early weeks of the term.
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Friday 19 June 2015 | Dr Paul Hine
Be Calm, Be Still
A busy term has been rounded off with a flurry of events over the final week. Intensive work has been undertaken behind the scenes to ensure that reporting schedules are being honoured, with the final touches being applied throughout the week. Year 7, 8 and 10 reports were distributed on Wednesday, Year 5 and 6 reports today and Year 9 reports will be forwarded on Monday. I encourage you to look closely at the progress that has been registered across the semester to ensure that optimum opportunity is being pursued and realised through the educational program, and that where weaknesses are identified, they will be the object of redress through strategic, systematic and intensive efforts over the coming term.
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Friday 15 May 2015 | Dr Paul Hine
Heads Held High
NAPLAN testing was conducted at the College throughout the week, with the boys in Year 5, 7 and 9 undertaking national assessments in literacy and numeracy, respectively. In all, approximately four hours of tests were conducted in Language Conventions, Writing, Reading and Numeracy across three successive days so the boys responded to an intense assessment framework. While the College believes that the testing regime is important to establish school profiles against state and national profiles, it does not specifically teach to, or focus on the testing, as a formal and dedicated emphasis in the educational program. It was obvious that the boys approached the assessments in a serious and measured manner, the results of which will be analysed to inform key areas of improvement into the future.
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Thursday 2 April 2015 | Dr Paul Hine
Time for Reflection
In the aftermath of a very busy term it is timely for all who belong to the school community to enter into a period of reflection: discernment about those aspects of schooling and life that have gone well in conjunction with those that need to be object of concerted focus for improvement into the future. This is the Ignatian way – something that has been at the forefront of Ignatian spirituality for centuries. Experience, reflection and action – a tripartite compulsion that captures the essence of daily life and one that is particularly valuable in the aftermath of a sustained period of activity.
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Thursday 2 April 2015 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
“A Cutting-Edge Tradition”
In his enormously detailed Constitutions of the Society of Jesus, pored over for so many years, Ignatius Loyola seemed to leave nothing to chance. He was exactingly specific, comprehensive, and watertight. Yet, at the end of each tight rule or expectation, he would often add a rider like this: “However let the local superior adapt, according to times, places and circumstances”. Adaptation, accommodation, enculturation – these encouragements to evolution were the leitmotifs of his text. Of all Jesuit works.
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