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Friday 25 August 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
Over the weekend, there was significant media coverage of Archbishop Denis Hart’s stance on marriage equality, which warned that 180,000 employees in catholic organisations could risk employment should they marry a same-sex partner. For those of same sex orientation, it is a difficult time as they face the onslaught of the press, religious institutions and the social divisions that surround this contentious matter.
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Friday 25 August 2017 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
Marriage, Mail Ballot and the Magisterium
Should the High Court reject the challenge to the government’s proposed postal survey concerning legislating for same-sex marriage, Australians will soon be voting “Yes” or “No” to a change. Campaigns are beginning to emerge.
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Saturday 30 April 2016 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
Francis and the Family
In recent weeks, Pope Francis has released his long-awaited Apostolic Exhortation on Love in the Family, entitled Amoris Laetitia, “The Joy of Love”. It is written in response to the recent Synod of Bishops on the family, held over the last two years in Rome.

Not surprisingly, it has had a mixed reception – overwhelmingly positive, though a few commentators have expressed feelings that it did not go far enough. I can understand reasons for the latter. Doctrinal change is slow. And I think we need to bear in mind that Francis has to bring the whole Church community with him, not to alienate the more conservative, but “to hasten slowly”, as we might say.
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Friday 14 August 2015 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
Reflecting on Same-Sex Marriage
This week the Coalition, after a marathon Party Room discussion, has unanimously decided there will be no ‘conscience vote’ for them on legislating for same-sex marriage in this parliamentary term. There may be a referendum or plebiscite to determine public opinion on the matter following the next election. This current debate was heightened some months ago when Ireland, that traditionally most Catholic of countries, voted overwhelmingly for same-sex marriage in a national referendum.
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