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Friday 1 June 2018 | Dr Paul Hine
Looking Forward and Looking Back
The occupancy of the Therry Building during the week, after 18 months of intensive building works, gave cause to reflect on the humble beginnings of the early years at St Ignatius’ College. On the eve of the College closing for its first decade, Fr Dalton addressed a gathering of the community in the following way:
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Friday 18 May 2018 | Dr Paul Hine
A Salient Reminder
Each week I have the pleasure of penning some words about the many rich and diverse activities that form the different prisms of school life. The key domains of the College’s Strategic Directions (2015-2020) often provide the inspiration, along with the many different components of the educational program that include spirituality and faith formation, teaching and learning, pastoral care, community and school resources and environment.
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Friday 4 May 2018 | Dr Paul Hine
100 Years On
In April 1918, the world entered its fourth consecutive year of the most hostile military conflagration in history, one that ultimately destroyed political empires, ravaged long standing social conventions, devastated economic systems and reduced the landscape of Europe to rubble.
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Thursday 29 March 2018 | Fr Jack McLain SJ
The Journey Unexpected
Lent, like Term I, is about a journey we take together and this part of the journey is coming to a close this weekend at Easter. Easter wasn’t what Jesus’ closest followers were expecting either. They were thinking about a powerful king who, through the use of military force, would liberate their occupied homeland and start something big. They were only right about the last part.
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Friday 16 March 2018 | Fr Jack McLain SJ
Staying on the Path
This past week, the Jesuit community (there are four of us: three live at the College, one lives in Bathurst) went for a weekend of reflection and planning. We’re all busy with our individual works and missions, but it’s important for us to get together once in a while as a group and talk about what is important to us. Where we find life, where we struggle.
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Friday 23 February 2018 | Fr Jack McLain SJ
The Small ‘Good’
In the Religious Education class I teach with Dr. Hine, we start off with ethics and the questions of right behaviour. Fundamentally, we ask the question: “What is the Good, and how do I act in a way that is Good?” One of my moral theology professors used to say that every human action is a moral action. That in every choice we make, we decide what is Good and we act in a way that either grows the Good or diminishes it.
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Friday 17 November 2017 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
Companions in Conversation
This week we have been sponsoring the annual Advanced Ignatian Teacher Programme at the College, with almost thirty teachers from Jesuit schools across Asia in attendance. We explored with them something of best practice from our Ignatian tradition. Here at the College we have a Companions Programme, running a number of years now, which we shared with our overseas colleagues. The programme aims to partner a teacher with an experienced mentor, a Companion...
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Friday 3 November 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
New Beginnings
Over the past week there has been much activity around the Senior School as the boys who are taking up enrolment in 2018 began the formal process of transition. A mixture of excitement, apprehension and not a little bewilderment at the scale of what will be encountered over the coming years was clearly evident. Parents, a number of who are new and unfamiliar with the routines of school life ‘Riverview style’, experienced their own sense of awe
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Friday 11 August 2017 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
Status or Service?
Two years before Saint Ignatius’ College opened, Roger Vaughan, the Archbishop of Sydney (whose image in marble is in our College Parlour), let it be known that he had invited the Jesuits to Sydney to begin a school. A risky decision. At that time, there was great suspicion of the Jesuits and our work.
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Friday 4 August 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
Unsung Heroes
There is a small army of unsung heroes around the College who, often out of the sightline, perform their work with enormous commitment and professionalism. That wonderful band of medical staff who operate the Health Care Centre is one such group whose constant ministrations to the boys responds at the deepest levels to the Ignatian principle of cura personalis; that is, responding to the needs of each and every boy as they are made manifest.
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Friday 21 July 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
Janus: A Timely Metaphor?
The Roman god Janus is regarded as a wisdom figure of transitions and dualities. He is often depicted as having two faces – one which looks to the past and the other to the future. It is a fitting metaphor as we consider this stage of the year: one that has seen End of Semester reports distributed that summarised progress over the first half of the year and what that means for the coming term.
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Friday 19 May 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
Heads Down!
As we conclude the fourth week of term, the impact of the assessment regime is pervasive. Year 11 End of Semester Examinations are at mid-stage with still one week to conclude, and they will be followed in quick succession by Year 9. With little down time, the boys in Year 9 will move from NAPLAN testing to their own examinations, while in other year levels, assignments and research projects are keeping many focussed on their course work and intense revision programs.
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Friday 31 March 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
Educating for Values
Recently I was fortunate to attend an assembly on the Regis campus. The purpose of this particular assembly was to launch some new awards which align with the key values of Jesuit education: competence, conscience, compassion and commitment. In Jesuit parlance, they are referred to as the 4 C’s and they define key characteristics of what underpins the tradition of an educational program in an Ignatian tradition:
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