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Friday 14 September 2018 | Dr Paul Hine
A Demonstrable Difference
Two weeks ago mobile phones were removed from the daily regimen of College life. The rationale for this was and remains very clear, particularly in light of research which has been emerging for some time in the field of neuroscience. Eminent scholars such as the Baroness Susan Greenfield, have maintained for many years that learning is impeded when multisensory activity – compounded by light and sound, those consonant with the intense focus on mobile devices, is undertaken. Research has demonstrated that the access, storage and retrieval of information is compromised when vicariously affected by external stimuli.
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Friday 25 May 2018 | Dr Paul Hine
Of National Significance
May 27th to June 3rd is National Reconciliation Week, and with it, an opportunity to look with regret on the mistakes of the past and commit to a future where all – Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, can embrace a society based upon mutual inter-dependence and equity. Given the last 200 years, equity does not equal equivalence.
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Friday 2 February 2018 | Dr Paul Hine
Up and Running!!
After the summer months of preparation and relaxation, the year is up and running: welcome to the 2018 school year and the rewards and challenges that lie ahead. We embark upon a new chapter of the unfolding history of this remarkable school as 260 boys take up their enrolment, the considerable proportion of whom enter Year 5 and Year 7. There will be a settling period as the boys begin to adjust to the cadence of a very fast moving school, as there will be for the 76 new boarders who take up residence at the College from different states and territories across Australia, as well as from some distant countries of the world.
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Friday 8 September 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
Precious Moments
There are many moments of gold around this College; precious and spontaneous moments that just appear in the daily life of staff and students. They are windows into a community that is blessed to have such a diverse and integrated set of opportunities that have been built by the past, are stewarded by the present and shaped for the future.
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Friday 17 March 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
Through the eyes of…
During the week I was very fortunate to experience some different perspectives and gain new insights through the educational program, particularly seeing teaching and learning through the eyes of two Riverview students. On the same day, I was privileged to attend a breakfast in Cova Cottage coordinated by the LBW Trust, which supports the cause of marginalised children in disadvantaged countries.
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Friday 13 May 2016 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
Going in by the other’s door…
In watching an episode of the BBC series, The Story of China, on SBS earlier in the week I was following the rise of the Ming Dynasty. As part of that story the presenter, Michael Wood, began to explore the impact of Italian Jesuit missionary and humanist, Fr Matteo Ricci, in that period of Chinese history. On arriving in Portuguese Macao, Ricci first spent fifteen years learning the language until he spoke it like a native. He devised what he called a “memory palace”, a sophisticated word-association technique in the mind to remember the thousands of Chinese characters.
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Friday 6 November 2015 | Dr Paul Hine
Magic Moments
Schools like Riverview have the rare yet distinctive capacity to present magic moments at unscripted times, one of which surfaced in the yard on Friday at lunch time and captivated hundreds of boys. It was through the agency of ‘gorilla busking’, musical entertainment provided by two senior students – Zac Roddy and George Goodfellow, which aimed to raise funds for Colegio Santo Inacio de Loiola in Kasait, a Jesuit school in Timor Leste. On a day when the sun shone brightly the boys gathered round in a carnival atmosphere, not only appreciating the musicianship, but expressing felicitous applause for the staff and students who approached the busker’s guitar case and threw in their dollars. It was a unique celebration of community, music, fun and philanthropy, which yielded some very appreciable gains: $565 in just 30 minutes!! These funds will be added to the thousands of dollars that are sent from five Jesuit schools across Australia each year to a project in one of the most impoverished nations in South East Asia, funds that have progressively built a school for over 300 children over the last three years who would otherwise not have access to education. And, the work goes on as construction begins on a teacher training institution contiguous to the school, which will take the best graduates and place them in undergraduate teaching degrees in order to redress the educational lacuna in East Timor. The importance of this project cannot be underestimated, but, it was the spirit of goodwill, the generous commitment and a vibrant sense of community that erupted in the grounds that combined to produce a poignant reminder of how wonderful it is to be in schools and to work with young people.
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Friday 6 November 2015 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
Not a School of Privilege, but a School of Obligation
At the last General Congregation of Jesuits held in Rome, Pope Benedict addressed the delegates. Benedict knew the universal, inclusive mind of Ignatius. He knew Ignatius’ particular concern for those on the margins, those who had no one to defend their rights or advance their cause. So the Holy Father affirmed the special mission of the Society of Jesus in the Church today to be “at the frontiers,” as he said. He charged us to reach “those geographical and spiritual places where others do not reach, or find it difficult to reach.”
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