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Friday 28 April 2017 | Dr Paul Hine
A Hermetic Bubble?
Over the break we were gifted with some truly glorious autumn weather – sun drenched days against a backdrop of pacific skies with truly stunning sunrises and sunsets. It was Sydney at its finest with the raw beauty of the city set amid the waterways and the striking topography of the land, demanding that Ignatian virtue of gratitude for the many blessings to live in a country, no matter how imperfect, governed by the rule of law and democratic freedom. Not so in so many regions of the world.
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Friday 28 April 2017 | Fr Ross Jones, SJ
A School Under the Sign of the Cross
With the Easter season and Anzac Day bracketing the term break, I was taken by the recurring image of the cross which seemed to span both commemorations. At Easter, of course, we were carried through the Pascal Triduum from Maundy Thursday until Easter Eve with the cross ever before us. We began with it covered in purple, then bearing a broken, disfigured body, then a bare cross again, now draped with a discarded white burial cloth. This story is at the heart of our belief – the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
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Saturday 30 April 2016 | Dr Paul Hine
A Time to Calibrate Goals
While the holidays provided time for some welcomed rest and relaxation, they also afforded an opportunity for the boys to review and calibrate goals and priorities over the term ahead. More than simply change uniform from summer to winter and adjust to the organisational transition to another term, it is important in an Ignatian school where the inner impulse for the magis – that which speaks to a depthed and highly reflective approach to life, can be pursued with insight and zeal. It is a challenge that is issued to each and every boy as they return to take responsibility for their own learning to ensure that they achieve on a level fully commensurate with their God given potential and abilities, and in so doing, contribute to a culture and a community where aspiration takes primacy of place.
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