Friday 15 March 2019

Being Present in the Middle

When we’re in the middle of things, it can sometimes feel like we’re neither here nor there. We can’t find the excitement of the beginning and we’re not close enough to the end to experience a sense of achievement and accomplishment. While we are in the middle of the Term, there is so much being accomplished, so many new beginnings, that we shouldn’t be fooled by how many weeks it has been since we started school.

Summer Sports have begun winding down, and our 1st and 2nd Basketball teams are providing excellent examples of accomplishments, especially the 1sts who have already secured our first basketball premiership in 41 years. And if they play to their potential this coming weekend, they will be undefeated. How did they achieve such a remarkable feat in such a long season? Hard work. Focus on fundamentals. Play the game that is immediately in front of you.

Being present to what the day brings will lead us to the places we need to be. The places where we can stand fast in a sense that we are where we need to be and feel consolation that we are who we were created to be. Even when the road seems long. Together, we will finish long journeys.


The Newport pools are a favourite of mine with the drone. I find the idea of the straight lines of human-made structure in the midst of the wild forms of the waves fascinating. The idea of opposites and how they connect is amazing. And in the middle of all that is us: people. What’s that place between things that you occupy right now? Can you be grateful for where you are?

Fr Jack McLain SJ