Friday 5 April 2019


Next week the men of Year 12 will go out on a number of different journeys. As a year group, they’ll head out on different paths, but all with the same goal: to reflect on their growth during their years at the College. It’s been a long term, and for Year 12, the end of one very long road is beginning to come into view. It’s the perfect time to look back down the road travelled, and to see where the challenges and struggles, the accomplishments and disappointments have led them. The many different retreats being offered all seek to help these men reflect on one question: How have I become the person I am today? The hope is that answering this question leads them to further reflection by asking the follow-on question: Am I becoming the person I was created to be? What path do I choose next in order to become that person? This is the fundamental question of a life well-lived. And it isn’t just for the Year 12s. It’s every member of the College community, in fact, it’s every member of the human race who is called to reflect on and become the person God created them to be. That is what it means to be human.


There’s lots of reasons to get out in the wild places. Here’s three of the best. What is the valley that is opening up for you to explore right now? Who are the people you share the most important places with? Can you be grateful for both the exploration and the people you share the journey with?

Fr Jack McLain SJ