Friday 26 October 2018

Beauty and Struggle

Life is often this strange mix of joy and sadness; beauty and struggle. Our life at the College doesn’t make us exempt from the struggle of life. The terrible injury of one of our Year 10 boys draws us together to hold him and his family and friends close to our hearts and makes all of us struggle to find where God is present in this terrible reality. It also calls us to come together to cope with this reality and to support one of our own. There is an opportunity here to live out the reality of the motto that the leadership team of the College for 2019 have chosen for their year: Not For Ourselves Alone. Meaning that we are born to be in community with others and that we are called to serve one another as Jesus came to serve us. We will be praying for the Noble family, of course, and continually searching for ways to live our new motto as we go forward, not for ourselves, but for all of us.


At the start of last year I was invited to go down to rowing camp in Canberra. I managed to capture this from the coach’s boat. They did a drill where one rower on each side took a break while the other three rowed hard. Three minutes on, one minute off. We all need that kind of break and we all need to push hard sometimes to support others we’re in the boat with. Are you at the moment of rowing hard or of taking a breather? Can you be grateful for those you’re sharing the boat with?


Fr Jack McLain SJ