Friday 22 June 2018

Action and Reflection

This week I attended the Year 11 Drama performance of Lord of the Flies, the grim, cautionary tale of how thin civility and morality can be. The performances were outstanding and it was a technically brilliant show. In particular, I was impressed with the amazing set design of Mr Kirk Hume. The reversal of the audience on the floor of the theatre and the players in the mountainous jungle set was truly brilliant. What I love about set design is that it is an art of appearance; of making things seem much more real and vibrant than they are. The hard work and brilliant vision come together when the lights go down and when they do, they are like another member of the cast. All of this is so that we can experience the power of art, even a work as challenging and confronting as Lord of the Flies, that forces us to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions. And art should hold up a mirror to us that helps us to question even ourselves so that we can become a better self.



















The sea is always a struggle. No wave picks you up if you don’t work to catch it. It’s about meeting things; putting in the effort required, then allowing yourself to be carried by it. Symmetry of motion. Action and reflection. Even when you’re worn out, there is an honesty to the tiredness because you’ve interacted with the mighty sea. What’s the action you’re putting in right now? Are you ready to ride when it lifts you up?

Fr Jack McLain SJ