Friday 4 May 2018

Aaaand, we’re off!

Welcome to Term 2. As the break drew to a close, I was privileged to host some early previews of the new Therry Building, which was absolutely amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen the progress of this project since, literally, the first spade of earth was turned. Even though I had taken part in some of the planning, had seen the designs, and had the opportunity to see the work in progress during construction on multiple occasions, I simply wasn’t prepared for how well the real structure would come together. That’s often how life is, we can have an idea of how good something will be when we begin, but when we truly start living it, the lived experience exceeds our expectations. I have that experience frequently around the College. Just when you think you understand how great something’s going to end up, the reality goes beyond what you’d imagined it could be. That’s how we should know God is at work in something. So as Term 2 ramps up, let’s look not for the good, but for the better.

Here’s this week’s reflection:

I shot this a couple of years ago in the Blue mountains, hiking with a former student. Travelling in wild spaces and into an uncertain future is something we all have to do. Just make sure you’ve packed for the conditions and you have a good climbing companion and you can handle whatever comes. What do you need to face an uncertain path right now? Who is it you need to help you down that path? Can you be grateful for them?⠀

Fr Jack McLain SJ